eLearn Solutions is a leader in the development, implementation, hosting and support of affordable rapid e-learning solutions to enhance your educational and training programs. We specialize in the installation, customization, 3rd party tool integration, training and support of the Open Source Moodle learning management system either on your own server or a hosted application.

What we can do for you

Authoring Tools & Integration thereof into LMS

As a leading provider of e-learning solutions, we provide you with advice concerning the optimal tool to use in order to generate your content. Once you have generated your content , we configure and integrate your content into your tailor made LMS. We specialize in integrating Moodle with various report writing applications as well as a number of 3rd party SCORM authoring tools such as Articulate and Adobe eLearning Suite products. In addition we train on setting up simulations and tracking of trainee results in Try It / Do it type trainng scenarios.

LMS ( Learning Management Systems)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) provide the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs. eLearn Solutions is highly experienced in developing LMS for all sizes of organizations.

We specialize in Moodle, the most popular open-source learning management system (LMS) in the world. We have implemented Moodle LMS in businesses, schools, colleges and training organisations. By using Moodle we keep your costs as low as possible. Our range of Moodle services we provide are:

  • theme design – designing a tailor made look and feel for you.

  • consultation – included in the consultation we analyze & make recommendations as to server and workstation specifications

  • installation – included in our installation process we also customise site look & feel

  • integrate email

  • activate Cron for running of automated tasks

  • Setup user authentication to Active Directory or loading of users from a spreadsheet

  • implement specified add-ons (such as Certificates / Questionnaires / Face to Face for scheduling…/ Games such as crossword puzzle, hangman / Data repositories / Configurable reports ….)

  • training – we also provide training sessions for site administrator & facilitators.

  • technical support.including telephonic, e-mail support and site visits

m-learning & Mobile

With installation of the Mobile app you can

  • Browse the content of your courses, even when offline

  • Receive instant notifications of messages and other events

  • Receive instant notifications of messages and other events

  • Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device

  • Track your progress, mark tasks as complete and browse your learning plans

  • Attempt quizzes, post in forums and edit wiki pages

  • View your course grades

  • … and lots more –

Securing of content

All web application software is highly complex, and every application has security issues that are found from time to time, usually involving some combination of input that the programmers did not anticipate.
We can assist with securing your site and content by implementing among other security interventions:

  • Updating software regularly on each release

  • Using https to secure all pages

  • Separating systems as much as possible

  • Optimizing firewalls and their settings

  •     – Implementing dual firewalls

  •     – Disabling unused services

  •     – Allowing only essential and required ports

  • Setting strict password policies

  • Implementing good backup systems

  • Implementing security alerts

Video, Conferencing & training tools


Various Video, Conferencing and Training tools can be integrated into Moodle.

We happy to discuss your specific training needs and propose a tailor made solution for you and your company needs.